How Important is Nutrition for Powerlifting?

We all know that diet is the most important part of bodybuilding. If you don’t eat right, your physique will look like crap. And in bodybuilding, that is obviously the most important thing. But what about powerlifting? Should powerlifters even care about their diet?

The answer is yes. Of course. But it’s more complicated than a simple yes or no answer. The answer will probably vary from individual to individual. The competitive/record setting powerlifters diet will be much more important than the powerlifter that lifts just for fun and doesn’t compete. Most people probably fall somewhere in the middle, so for the majority of people reading this, you’ll need to put forth a moderate amount of effort if you want to succeed at competing at the local level. That sounds very vague and almost demotivating, I know.

Let me lay it out like this.

For the non competitive powerlifter: Make sure you hit your daily protein requirements, or at least try to come close. Don’t worry about hitting a specific protein to carb ratio, or when you eat. It’s not worth it if you’re not competing.

For the competitive powerlifter that competes in local competitions a couple times per year: pay attention to macronutrient ratios and eat carbs after your workout. Realize that a properly set ratio of protein, carbs, and fat can have a significant impact on your training.

For the powerlifter out to break records: pay special attention to macronutrients as well as micronutrients. Supplement with a multivitamin if necessary. You will need to keep track of your calories and weigh your food out so you know exactly how much you’re consuming. Very strict, similar to a bodybuilders diet.

Now there may be some really strong powerlifters out there who think this is bullshit because they got strong eating nothing but cheeseburgers, but just imagine how much stronger and healthier they would have been had they eaten healthy foods and maintained a proper diet.

You can get strong eating crap, but I guarantee you will make better progress if you put some effort into your diet.